Technology List

Connect with more than 1.3M Technology Decision-Makers 

Technology companies are continually on the leading-edge with the strong demand, and positive margin trends, paving the path for innovations required in the industry. The stunning growth and opportunities have been influencing marketers to be mindful all the way. Zonaris Media’s Technology Users List can work as a connector between the growth and potential opportunities by creating more chances through most updated Technology Users Email List.

Technographic Data

Technographic data refers to the usage of technology in companies across the world. It can distinguish the kind of software a company has been using, so that accordingly, a targeted approach can be planned by the marketing and sales team.

With the help of this data, they can know how much their targeted companies are spending on technologies, so that in future they can approach with the same technology or the related one when the organization is ready to buy.

Many business platforms are changing very fast because of the new emerging technologies. We at Zonaris Media understands the driving change and the need for the proper resource that will help you connect with the right target audience at the right time. Our Technology Users Email List offers you with a highly reliable, comprehensive, and accurate database that connects you to decision makers across the world. We specialize in providing a highly responsive technology users mailing list, and telemarketing lists from the most valued and targeted sources.

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